Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A word on 'Mind Frame'

Myself and a few other members have recently been talking about getting into the right mind frame when in Shiai. Though we are no experts, we have concluded the following...

1) Getting into the right mind frame is a difficult task
2) The right mind frame is very different from being in shigeiko

So just out of interest, here are a few of my thoughts about getting into the right 'mind frame' when your playing in a competition match.

- Don't think about winning or loosing. The rationale behind this 'for me' is that if you are worried about winning, then you are worried about loosing, and vica versa. By putting this mental pressure on yourself, you become hesitant, not willing to take risks for fear of loosing. Great kendo comes when you are actually playing kendo and not thinking about it...

- Before going into a match, it can help to visualise your best Kendo in your minds eye

- Remind yourself to be bursting with positive energy and engage your opponent (not in an aggressive violent way…but the more intellectually intense way…similar to poker or chess), if you are engaging and not the other way around than you have a chance to dictate the match

- Be confident in your training. We all have had great training, so remember where you have been and where you are now...there is no need to be extremely nervous or uptight...instead try to be excited that everyone is here to watch you play your best kendo. (You should feel nervous...just remind yourself its a positive feeling.)

So there are a few tips from 'my point of view' hopefully they might stir up some more discussion around the club on this topic :)